X Idea Labs (XiLabs)

A collaborative platform for employees to put forward their ideas related to any category

Process Followed

Requirement Gathering

With the expansion of the company the interaction among the employees got limited to their teams and friends which led to potential ideas not reaching out to everyone. The idea of the XiLabs was to provide a platform where all employees could put forward their ideas for others to collaborate and interact. The application followed the interaction pattern of social networking sites

Goals identified for Application
  • A highly interactive and engrossing portal
  • Application should allow others to express their thoughts and opinions about other's idea by liking it or by commenting on it.
  • The application should be rewarding the users for sumitting and following ideas
  • The ideas should to be categorized.
  • The user should be able to easily put forth their ideas.

After identifying the goals and objective we brainstormed and created the user profiles, identified the possible usecases and studied the interaction model of the existing social networking sites


It began with brainstorming and ceating concepts. Initailly we created paper mock-ups and did walk through for them. It was followed by creating low-fidelity mock-ups and finally the interactive HTML mock-ups.

XiLabs (Final Design)